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You may experience the same problem that: I’ve just updated to Windows 10 today, everything works wonderfully so far EXCEPT I’ve realized the sound is super low.   So how to fix it? The collective methods below could be the most possible solutions to the problem. Enable “loudness equalization”. Control Panel-Sound-Playback Device-Enhancement Switch to ”Communications” Here, […]

Video calls apps always allow auto-selecting camera and microphone. In case sometimes they don’t or you want to specify your microphone preferences, then just select an option from the Audio list. Different apps vary a bit, but the option basically appears in the similar place. Including Amazon Chime, Appear. in, Cisco WebEx, Google hangouts, Gotomeeting, Skype and Zoom. File→Setting […]

Though our wireless microphones system K036 mean for TV karaoke, they actually are not that suitable for using with home theater. But why? Wireless mics system: http://bit.ly/walkenmic036   Both of them use the analog stereo cables for connecting input and output, which are the most common type of connection. This is included things like, RCA […]