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How To Reduce Keyboard Sound?

Complaint from gaming friends that the key strokes are heard clearly from the other side? Annoying typing sound keeps you distracted from gaming? For those experienced gamer, they may have their best solution to reduce keyboard noise. But for the starter, the suggestion below may help you.

Program matters! So what we’re going to talk about is the software you can use the get less typing sound. We’re not sure whether you’re the solid fans for Skype, Teamspeak or Discord. But from our point of view, we recommend Discord as your first choice. Leave alone the minimal CPU usage and low latency, the noise suppression is the most important reason for choosing Discord. You can also get into “Voice & Video” to reduce input sensitivity, which does have impact on mic capturing keyboard sound.

Download Discord:

Never hear of Voicemeeter banana? Or know it only as the mixing program? But it definitely can fulfill far more needs than that. And the setup is easy enough for a beginner. Simply mess around with only two settings, fader gain and audibility, then you will get as less typing sound as possible.

Download Voicemeeter banana:

You may ask is there any more convenient way to get rid of the keyboard noise for gamer? Certainly you can find one here! Why not use our K053 lavalier microphone? Besides you can get the mic further away from keyboard, it uses cardioid polar pattern, which can reduce much more noise than you expect!



2 thoughts on “How To Reduce Keyboard Sound?

  1. thisiscam says:

    I had lots of issues with keyboard noises coming through while gaming.
    I tried Voicemeter Banana, but found it a bit too complicated.
    So I developed Noise Blocker ( ).
    You record samples of the offending noises (fan, keyboard, traffic, etc) then it actively block any matches from the incoming microphone audio.
    It’s a free trial download (1 hour daily usage).
    Hope it helps others!

    • fifinemic
      fifinemic says:

      I saw the video the noise-elimination seems amazing. Not sure how it actually works out before we run the test. But so far, I think this app can do a pretty good job. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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