FIFINE Wireless Receiver with 1/4″ TS Plug – FIFINE ACCESSORIES

FIFINE Wireless Receiver with 1/4″ TS Plug


Works with only FIFINE transmitter (microphone) of K025. K031/031B, K035/035B, K036A or K037/037B (that uses frequency range of 565-584 MHz).

Shipping takes 4-6 weeks, but could be up to 3 or even 4 months in some cases.

Please leave a note of your currently-using FIFINE microphone model number (listed above)frequency range (is it 565-584 MHz?) at checkout! Without these necessary info. receiver won’t be shipped out.

The old model receiver, which used frequency that was over 600 MHz had been out of stock and discontinued.   

Notice: To pair with your microphone/transmitter, follow the video below to RESET.