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Using Home Theater For Karaoke?

Though our wireless microphones system K036 mean for TV karaoke, they actually are not that suitable for using with home theater. But why?

Wireless mics system:


Both of them use the analog stereo cables for connecting input and output, which are the most common type of connection. This is included things like, RCA cable, 3.5mm cable, etc. However they don’t provide the best audio quality especially for the home theater setup. Since they only support two-channel audio.

Learn more about home theater setup:


Regardless of the drawback, we still can offer three methods for setting up our karaoke gear with home theater if you do want to give a shot. You may set up not only the TV, AV receiver and speaker, but also TV box, DVD and Blu-ray players, so just check out the videos below to see if you wire them up properly. And in our instruction, we will only focus on the connection of TV and receiver.

Setup of Song receiver, DVD and PS3

Setup of Apple TV box, receiver and TV


First and foremost, please identify the wiring connection point at the rear of your TV. What you need to look for are the composite (red and white jacks) and optical jack.

  1. The best situation is that there’s RCA out (composite out). Then the TV audio can go from here to the “R+L In” jack of K036.
  2. If no RCA out, then TV is using optical jack as audio output. You will need an optical to RCA converter and an extra RCA to 3.5mm cable. The actual audio flow will be delivered in this way: TV optical jack-converter-“R+L In” jack of K036. Purchase converter:

The final step is just to setup K036 with AV receiver, soundbar or loudspeaker. With the experience above, it should not mean any difficulty for you now.

  • Soundbar: Check what kind of connector soundbar runs.
  1. AUX jack will be perfect. Just take mixed audio from “R+L Out” jack of K036 to soundbar.
  2. If only optical or HDMI jack is available, a suitable converter (RCA to optical or to HDMI) is required again.
  • AV receiver: the setup is basically the same for different brand or different model. Just deliver the mixed audio to RCA IN jacks of AV receiver. And make sure you select correct receiver mode. PS: Home theater transmits LINE IN signal. And microphone needs gain boost to be LINE IN signal. So if you find whatever setting you made still cannot let home theater have the decent volume you want, a mixer is needed to do signal boosting.

If you have any problem or would like to suggest any other methods, feel free to comment below!



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